Watch Future Magic Mike Stripper Channing Tatum Innocently Rediscover His High School Sweetheart in This Ten Year Clip

What is it with hometown reunions and high school sweethearts this week? Already, we've seen Hilary Duff try to hijack Mark Polish before he can rekindle the flames with his teen crush (Winona Ryder) in Stay Cool. We've seen artwork for Diablo Cody's Young Adult, which features a teen lit novelist (Charlize Theron) who tries to reclaim her happily-married high school honey (Patrick Wilson). And now, we get a clip of Channing Tatum zeroing in on his love interest of yester-decade (Rosario Dawson) in a snippet from the star-packed Ten Year.

The comedy-drama Ten Year features a group of friends (Tatum, Oscar Isaac, Anthony Mackie and Chris Pratt) as they reconvene in their hometown ten years after their high school graduation. The directorial debut of Jamie Linden (We Are Marshall and Dear John scribe) also features performances from Aubrey Plaza, Lisa Kudrow, Anna Faris, Justin Long, John Krasinski and Taylor Momsen and marks Tatum's first feature producer credit.

I am choosing to imagine that Ten Year Channing Tatum and Magic Mike Channing Tatum are the same character, meaning that Tatum, the veteran stripper, took a weekend off from lap dancing with Alex Pettyfer to put on a sensible brown blazer and reclaim his conservatively-dressed hometown crush. That Magic Mike narrative will improve any Channing Tatum title, in my opinion, including Dear John (stripper-turned-soldier falls for uptight college student) and Step Up 2: The Streets (stripper takes an up-and-coming street dancer under his wing). Try it!

Ten Year will hit theaters December 30.

[via IndieWire]