Dragon Tattoo Tumblr Goes Behind the Scenes With Fincher and Co.

It's the quotidian, almost invisible bits that matter most behind the camera on a movie set. Take the sliver of video newly available on a Tumblr called Mouth Taped Shut, by all appearances another bit of authorized viral marketing for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo -- this time featuring David Fincher directing Daniel Craig, Christopher Plummer extolling Fincher's virtues (and leveling a not-so-prescient Oscar-season pledge) and snapshots from the production.

The editor at /film wrote that he received an e-mail pointing him to the site, a Tumblr feed of unknown provenance dating back to Aug. 20. This is how this stuff always starts -- a "bootlegged" red-band trailer (in crystal-clear stereo) here, Fincher asking Craig to "lift the left side of the Bible a bit" there -- and a nifty online buzz is born. And there's a Twitter page. Enjoy!

· Mouth Taped Shut [via /film]

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