Which Action Stars Aren't Yet Attached/In Talks/Rumored for Expendables 2?

Earlier today came word that Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme might be joining Sly Stallone & Co. for The Expendables 2 (although the reported cast listing at Millenium Films now reads "TBA"). Now it seems Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis are onboard to reprise their cameos from the first film, with bigger parts this time around. (Expanded Expendables!) So let's just take a minute and regroup: Who isn't onboard or under consideration to join the beefy action sequel?

Original Expendables reportedly returning:

Sylvester Stallone (Duh)

Jason Statham

Dolph Lundgren

Mickey Rourke

Terry Crews

Jet Li

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin

Randy Couture

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Bruce Willis


Finally, Planet Hollywood pays off...

Rumored new additions:

Chuck Norris

Jean-Claude Van Damme (Who missed the boat the first time around, so you've got to think he'd jump at the chance...)

Donnie Yen (This would be awesome. Just sayin'.)

Scott Adkins (Undisputed II)

Mr. T

Hulk Hogan

Carl Weathers

Vin Diesel

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Charlie Sheen (Yes, really.)

Lorenzo Lamas

Jeff Speakman

Oliver Gruner

John Travolta

Okay, seriously... who's left?

Jackie Chan

Kurt Russell

Sean Connery (and Timothy Dalton and George Lazenby and Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan)

Wesley Snipes*

Steven Seagal (Turned down the first film, but could use the image boost after tank-raiding some guy's puppy)

Tony Jaa

Michael Biehn

Michael Dudikoff

Michael Jai White

Those French parkour guys

Any of the kick-ass female action heroines of the last few decades -- Linda Hamilton, perhaps? I mean, seriously. What a sausage fest.

*Currently serving time, may not be out of the clink by start of filming.

Did I miss anyone? Any other potential Expendables out there? Remember, anyone who doesn't make it into Expendables 2 has an eternity of potential sequels to get in on. This is from the guy who made six Rockys and four Rambos, with room for even more to come. Sly's gonna be ripping throats and dodging bullets for years to come (whether you like it or not)!


  • Chris says:

    Nick Nolte, Gary Busy, Keanu Reeves, Nic Cage, Mel Gibson & Danny Glover (You'd think they would have to come as the pair), Harrison Ford, Kiefer Sutherland (playing Jack Bauer)

  • AS says:

    I'm so pumped! The Expendables was the greatest action film of all time after Rambo. People laugh, but nobody can direct mass carnage like Sly Stallone. I really wish he was directing part 2.

  • Spider says:

    Great news all around!!!
    Some great potentials that are NOT mentioned:
    Miles O' Keeffe ---"Tarzan"-yes, the one with Bo Derek; countless B-action flicks. Great alternative to Mickey Rourke
    Lou Ferrigno ----needs no intro
    Ken Wahl ---- every team needs a 'Wiseguy'
    Sam Jones --- 'Highwayman' can still kick ass
    Nick Mancuso ---'Stingray' is AWESOME as General or Agent
    Jack Scalia ---can play ruthless politician

  • Brad says:

    Uh, it was terrible.
    And the direction was the worst thing about it. The best thing this new movie has going for it as that Sly apparently won't direct.Get a talented action director to do it and maybe it won't be such an epic waste of the cast this time.
    That final battle scene is like a masterclass in how not to shoot action sequences. Dull, lifeless, shot entirely in coverage. Just awful.

  • The WInchester says:

    The ORIGINAL (and only real one in my opinion) Stone Cold, Mr. Brian Bosworth.

  • AS says:

    I really don't understand how you can say that. Expendables was a breath of fresh air. No PG-13 bloodless violence, which is what 90% of what action movies are. Actually most so called "action" movies are oxymorons. They are action movies without real action. What does Sly do? Somebody's body gets blown in half in the first 10 mins, Statham takes on 8 guys single-handedly at a basketball court, they just escape with their lives as they fly away from enemy soldiers but that's not enough, they fly back, cover the deck in gasoline and light the men on fire while pumping round after round into them. Epic! Plus who could forget when Terry Crews runs down that hallway with the shotgun tearing peoples body's apart. Oh, and the final sequence was totally satisfying. Especially when Sly goes to town with the automatic handguns. It was exactly how an action sequence SHOULD be shot. Who would you rather have direct it?

  • Boricua in Texas says:

    How about Maggie Q, Milla Jovovich and Kate Beckinsale?

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