Australian Human Centipede 2 Teaser Alleges Cuts in U.S. Version; Distrib Isn't Talking (Yet) -- UPDATED with First Image

humancentipede2_firstimage.jpgLast anyone heard from team Human Centipede, led by the redoubtable, utterly demented filmmaker Tom Six, the third film in the series was eyeing a U.S. setting. Those plans might go south depending on whether or not Six and Co. can even get the controversial Human Centipede Part 2: Full Sequence screened uncut and uncensored when it opens Stateside next month -- an inevitability that a new, NSFW Australian teaser wouldn't have you count on.

Several requests for comment from representatives for IFC Films, which opens The Human Centipede Part 2 on Oct. 7, have gone unanswered, while another representative vaguely explained that an official statement may be forthcoming Wednesday morning. That is not what I'd call an encouraging development for fans looking forward to the sequel that was infamously banned in the UK in June; usually, when faced with a galvanizing piece of work like Six's, a specialty distributor runs with any and all scandal it can harness. It does not shrink away while some schmucks halfway around the world control the conversation with their own marketing campaign.

Speaking of which, here's the video -- basically a succession of reaction shots from actors viewers supposedly checking the new film out in the back of a mobile screening unit. All you get from Centipede 2 itself are sound effects, which you'll find is likely enough.

[via Twitch]

UPDATE: IFC Midnight has released the first Human Centipede 2 image, a still of the the sequel's British villain (Laurence R. Harvey). Talk about changing the conversation. Is Harvey's bug-eyed mug enough to deflect attention away from the speculation of an American re-edit?

Well, just take a look (via Entertainment Weekly):


Yup. Pretty effective.


  • J K says:

    How did Ben from Lost breed with The Pixies' Frank Black? And, is said genetic intermingling the "full sequence" indicated in the title? Sigh. Human Centipede 3: Humancentipedophile is only months away... Is there another species I can join? Please? This whole human race thing is clearly played out.

  • bindu says:

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