Brett Ratner Apologizes For Tower Heist Joke

After former Heroes co-star Greg Grunberg, who has an epileptic son, tweeted his outrage over a joke in the recent Tower Heist trailer referring to Ben Stiller as "little seizure boy," director Brett Ratner issued an apology and has reportedly asked Universal to alter the film's marketing. Grunberg tweeted his thanks and lifted "my personal boycott of ur hilarious film." No truth to the rumor Grunberg attempted to leverage his grudge in pursuit of Oscar-hosting duties, though presenting is probably not out of the question. [THR]


  • Tommy Marx says:

    I saw the full commercial on THR, and I'm torn. Twice Eddie Murphy refers to Ben Stiller as that "little seizure boy", but the punchline is when Ben says he had asthma and asthma doesn't cause seizures. I didn't think it was the funniest joke in the world, but it did an excellent job of setting up the relationship between the two.
    Of course, I felt the same way about The Dilemma. Ron Howard's mistake wasn't in having a character call something "gay", it was in allowing a trailer that featured that comment. Instead of defining the character, it suggested that the comedy was yet another in a long and increasingly pathetic movies that think laughing at the gays is the epitome of humor.

  • Jeff Rittenour says:

    like eddie murphy said... i tease the homosexuals...cuz they homosexuals...

  • Tommy Marx says:

    which is the same reason i tease the niggahs