Welcome Critic Alison Willmore to the Movieline Fold!

ml_new_logo120.jpgDear Reader: Please take a moment and issue a hearty welcome to the esteemed Alison Willmore, a fine critic and film journalist who this week joins the Movieline family. You can find Alison's first ML review, for The Debt, here, with more to follow in the weeks and months ahead. She is a longtime contributor to IFC, the AV Club, and numerous other publications, and she will be helping out as Stephanie Zacharek reports from the Venice and Toronto film festivals and Michelle Orange takes short leave for a book project. We are thrilled to have Alison aboard; please say hello!


  • Jen Yamato says:

    Yay, Alison! Yet another great voice added to the Movieline fold.

  • Shawn Gordon says:

    Great to have you, everything I know I learned here from movieline, so like most readers I'm real smart.

  • NP says:

    Hi, Alison!

  • Tommy Marx says:

    I loved your first review. It was funny, well-written, and actually made me want to see a shark movie. I can't wait to read your future reviews!

  • Thanks for the feedback, Tommy -- and here's Alison's review of The Debt as well... Apollo 18 still to come!

  • Tommy Marx says:

    S.T., I don't know if it's because I'm using Google Chrome or if it's your site's coding fault, but it usually takes anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes for Movie|Line to load, and I have the optimum cable speed. I've gotten to the point where I'm extremely selective about which articles I read - the full articles load faster, but returning back to the main page always takes a while. I have problems with another favorite website - Joe.My.God - so it really is possible it's a problem with Chrome. But on the off chance that it's not, is there anything you can do to help? My email is my name (no punctuation) at cox.net. Movie|Line is one of my favorite websites - and once upon a time was one of my favorite magazines. But I hate constantly having to wait for ping.net and twitter and all the other things that make the wait to see the home page irritating.

  • AS says:

    I was a big fan of the IFC podcast you hosted and it's sad that's no longer around.