Week in Review: Nice Trip, Summer -- See You Next Fall

With a whimper (and some killer sharks and space madness), the summer movie season drew to a close this week. Which is why we were looking to the future here at Movieline with our Fall Preview guide, chock full of first looks and predictions for the coming months! As you head into your long holiday weekend, take a moment to look back on our week spent looking forward to an action-packed fall movie season!

· We prepped you for Fall's most promising action stars, popcorn movies, female-oriented flicks, book adaptations, Oscar contenders, film festivals, surprising performances, the most anticipated films of the season courtesy of Stephanie Zacharek and special guest Diablo Cody. Whew!

· Stephanie, by the way, is currently across the globe sending us postcards from the Venice Film Festival. Yay, Clooney! Groan, Madge.

· R.I.P. Summer Movie Season and bon voyage to one of our own.

· Don Cheadle is Captain Planet, bitches! He's our hero.

· Movieline had the Worst Movie EVER! beat on lock.

· Many thanks to our Movieline Interviewees Seth Rogen and Will Reiser and Nicolas Winding Refn, and a toast to the bright futures of our Fall Verge designees Jessica Chastain, Chris Pratt, and Elizabeth Olsen.

· Los Angelenos and Ryan Gosling obsessives: You'll need this interactive map to plan your Drive-themed tour of Los Angeles.

· Finally! This is what Ron Perlman in dreadlocks, Josh Hartnett as a cowboy, and grown men partying their way to certain doom look like.