Here's the Up Sequel You Never Knew You Never Wanted

down_poster450.jpgSome people pay tribute to Up with replica houses, some people pay tribute with morbidly awesome parallel-universe posters for the film's imagined sequel. Or remake. Or the movie we really wanted. Read on to check it out and for the rest of your pre-holiday Buzz Break.

[Click picture for full-size image via @leeunkrich, @jcodfishpie)]

· Mere hours after organizers for the Telluride Film Festival advised attending media that cameras would not be permitted at its Descendants screening and Silver Medallion presentation to George Clooney, the fest clarified that the ban was not Clooney's doing and finally relented on it altogether. Just another day at the office. [LAT, LAT]

· "Kate Winslet Gushes Over Child Rapist Polanski." Slow clap for BigHollywood! [BigHollywood]

· Here's your round-up of movie stars headed to television series this season. Justin Long is set to join at least one of them. [BuzzSugar]

· Are you ready for this video "Britney Crazy Baby" -- featuring "Every time anyone says the words 'crazy' or 'baby' in any of her songs. In chronological order"? Hint: You are not ready. [via The Awl]


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