Goodbye, Movieline (It's Been Nice)

movieline-goodbye-300.jpgIt was an early morning yesterday; I was up before the dawn. And I really have enjoyed my stay; but I must be moving on. I bring up "Goodbye Stranger" not as a roundabout way of endearing myself to the more promiscuous readers out there, but to hackily inform you that my time at Movieline has come to an end. I'm very excited to announce that starting next week, I take over as the Vertical Editor at Moviefone -- an opportunity that has me levitating three feet off the ground. Let's have a group hug ahead.

Anyway! I'm not good at mass goodbyes -- see above as proof positive! -- but I can't stress how much I'm going to miss the amazing Movieline staff and our fantastic editor S.T. VanAirsdale. Spoiler alert: We all work in cyberspace (and I haven't even met the estimable ML Los Angeles trio of Jen Yamato, Julie Miller and Louis Virtel face-to-face; insane), but it feels like we're all actual friends. For real! All of us! Which is the absolute best you can hope for from your co-workers. (There's a clip from the Gervais Office that sorta speaks to this, but I'll spare you.)

Alas, it's time to move on. To echo what former Movieliner Kyle Buchanan wrote on the occasion of his departure: I look forward to reading Movieline as a fan. The site is great, and will continue to be great in the future.

As for me, you can read my ramblings over at Moviefone starting on Tuesday. With less Supertramp references. Promise.