Worst Movie EVER! Box Office Jumps 500% In One Night — to $71

So amid all the festival hoopla and luminaries dropping by, I know what you're really thinking today: How did The Worst Movie EVER! fare last night in Winchester, Va.? Indeed, the infamous mockbuster had its second theatrical engagement in a late showing at the town's Alamo Drafthouse, and the numbers are in. Stand back!

According to figures released by WME! impresario Glenn Berggoetz, the theater sold 12 tickets at its regular late-weeknight admission price of $5. The grand total of $60 more than quintuples the film's historic $11 opening gross, bringing the cumulative tally to a breathtaking $71.

But Berggoetz isn't shaken. Quite the contrary, in fact: Acknowledging the timing hurdle of a late Wednesday night screening, as well as the 12 viewers' reported enjoyment of the film, theater management is looking ahead to reviving WME! for a few weekend midnights in October or November. That positive word of mouth has also apparently made it around to other theaters in the chain, which may lead to further bookings. And distributors are taking notice as well: "There's been especially lots of interest in the film from Japan," notes Berggoetz, "so it looks like we'll be hitting theaters there!"

Alas, still no progress in the search for Viewer Zero. The reward in nickels stands.


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