Silencio! Have a Look Inside David Lynch's Trippy New Nightclub

· Club Silencio, the long-awaited Paris disco designed by renaissance man David Lynch, has opened its doors. The Guardian got a tour and a few snapshots, while Lynch told L'Express: "I have the feeling that I have coaxed out some of the atmosphere and the characters from my films, and even from my music." Which I guess makes the toilet... Dune? I'm so confused. Click through, take a look and stick around for your Thursday Buzz Break.



[Photos via The Guardian]

· If Club Silencio doesn't quite inspire confidence in Lynch, here's a terrific essay suggesting a Laura Dern intervention for the wayward filmmaker. [The Awl]

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· Paul Dano will reunite with his Meek's Cutoff director Kelly Reichardt for the "eco-terrorist" film Night Moves. What's it about? Co-star Peter Sarsgaard cites Marshall Curry's fine documentary If a Tree Falls as a sort of spiritual cousin. [The Playlist]

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