Diablo Cody Shares Her 3 Most Anticipated Films of Fall with Movieline!

diablocody_300.jpgDiablo Cody has her own movie to anticipate with the release of her third feature Young Adult this December (featuring a thoroughly unamused Charlize Theron), but the Academy Award winner took time out tell Movieline which three films she most looks forward to seeing. What will make the cut? The Iron Lady? Carnage? A Dangerous Method? Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chip Wrecked? Click through for her adroit (and quite cheeky) observations.

Take it away, Diablo!

1. Carnage: "Ooh, I bet this is going to be super gory! I heard there's a scene where Christoph Waltz has to bite off his own finger and the finger reanimates itself and flies up Jodie Foster's nostril. Polanski proves once again that he's the master of horror."

2. Melancholia

"Those posters featuring Kirsten Dunst as a gorgeous bride have me psyched-- what girl doesn't love a good wedding comedy? Plus, I've missed that cutie Kirsten and those irresistible dimples. Hey Lars von Trier: Bring it on!"

3. Moneyball

"This is the Channing Tatum stripper movie, right? Soderbergh put that together fast. I think it's really great that Jonah Hill lost all that weight to play an adult entertainer. Healthy choices should be applauded. I give Moneyball a standing O!"

The potentially Oscar-attractive Young Adult comes out in theaters December 16.


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