Talkback: Is Darth Vader Screaming 'Noooo' Really Such An Insult to Star Wars?

On Tuesday, Star Wars fans became outraged upon learning that George Lucas had apparently digitally inserted a Darth Vader scream in the Blu-ray version of Return of the Jedi, available as part of the remastered HD trilogy out in September. It's a possible change which raises the question: Is a two-second "Noooo" really worth getting that worked up over?

[The above video combines audio received by with the original Star Wars video.]

[UPDATE: Lucasfilm has confirmed the changes.]

Admittedly, I don't have much invested in the Star Wars franchise (especially post-Jar Jar Binks) which is why I want to understand how a single scream is such a hurtful edit for fans. Especially since that scream takes up two seconds out of 600+ minutes of trilogy running time. I realize that George Lucas has been making subtle changes to his classic trilogy for the past two decades, including apparent additional alterations this go-around with more realistic Ewok eyes and a different Obi-Wan "Krayyt Dragon" call. But a scream? Is this just the fan breaking point?

George Lucas did not direct Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi and some may say that it is not his territory to re-edit the work of Irvin Kershner and Richard Marquand. Still, though, Lucas created the intergalactic franchise; if he doesn't have the rights to add a sound effect, who does? Would you have preferred that the producer/director post an online poll asking fans for permission since Star Wars is such a beloved entity?

If this turns out to be official, it's not like Lucas plugged in that controversial "Noooo" and all prior Return of the Jedi editions self-destructed inside millions of homes instantaneously. Those old Return of the Jedi copies are still floating around in a galaxy not so far away.

· Darth Vader will lose a little more of his dignity in Star Wars original trilogy Blu-rays. Listen for yourself! [io9]


  • casting couch says:

    Just when things couldn't possible get any worse for the Original Trilogy.

  • J K says:

    Ha. "As God is my witness, I will never become malnourished as a result of my economic disadvantages again!"

  • Titte Twister says:

    heh heh. Sarlaacgasm.

  • Conspiracy says:

    What this is is George erasing piece by piece everything done by people he has carried a grudge against for decades. Re-editing the superior editing work of his ex-wife, putting back in things that smarter, more artistically gifted folks like Kersher, Kasdan and Kurtz helped keep out.
    This is a big F**K YOU to the ppl Georges hates..the ppl who made something better than he ever could have; it's is way of bring down the Originals to the childish levels of the prequels so they don't look so horrible on their own. And it is a Special F**K YOU to the fanbase who made this franchise what it is; a franchise George blames for his failed marriage and for shackling forever to something he himself never took seriously nor wanted.
    Money aside..George HATES Star Wars...Hates the ppl involved, especially those involved with creating Empire..and hates the fans most of they have kept him from creating the small "art" films he always to make...but honestly just probably does not have the talent for; if he did...he'd have made them.
    George won't get another dime out of me...but I'd love to Shake the hand of Kurtz or Marcia Lucas

  • Conspiracy says:

    And No..Han did NOT shoot "First". Han was the ONLY one who f**king shot; that is what made him a bad ass, and made his story arc interesting. From a selfish stone cold killer and all around bad boy, to someone willing to sacrifice himself for others...when Greedo shot first, the character of Han was diminished.

  • jarjarsucks says:

    The Return Of The Jedi "Nooooooo" completely changes the integrity of the scene. I can't understand the constant tweaking of these films. Hayden Christensen as the Anakin ghost at the end of the Jedi DVD blew my mind. Is Anakin the only one who's spirit comes back looking young? Lame George, lame. I would double dip the Star Wars Blurays just to have the original theatrical cuts of EP 4 - 6. Maybe one day. But I won't hold my breath.

  • James says:

    The only thing that's a ' big deal' is that George Lucas thought it made enough of a difference to take the time to bother difference. The dialogue was always cornball. And I'm no hater I love these movies.

  • Megagorgo says:

    Note that Marcia Lucas came in to re-edit this scene which the director thought was "flat. She added looks and cutaaways to create more tension so that you don't know until Vader picks up the Emporor that Vader is going to rescue Luke. This is the equivalent of showing Rosemary's Baby or what was thrown off the Tallahatchee Bridge.
    The problem with Lucas is that NO ONE says No to him.

  • Seth says:

    It doesn't matter how long it takes in screen time. The word "Rosebud" takes 1 second. But if you remove it from Citizen Kane, it destroys the whole film. If nothing else, "nooooooo!" is just CHEESY! And placing it into such an emotional scene is jarring and stupid, and makes it memorable for all the wrong reasons.

  • elbarto says:

    yes it is an insult. now GTFO, dumb bitch