Ten Years Gone: Watch the American Reunion Photo Montage


Don't pretend like a new American Pie movie couldn't work. You sit through the sequels when they're on Encore or TeenNICK, or whatever. Horniness is a watchable thing! In this new photo, we see the class of '99 crowd the photo booth for old times' sake. Don't deny the cuteness.

Aw, little Thomas Ian Nicholas is still wearing his Please Give scruff. Chris Klein is showing no trace of his Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li past, and Tara Reid doesn't seem to be thinking about The Big Lebowski 2 at all. This is just damn fun. And Jason Biggs is already my reigning king of cool, so I don't care if he's utterly catatonic in this movie. Bring it all on.

Click through to People for a charming video montage of the Pie stars set to James's "Laid."


  • HwoodHills says:

    This many years later it might have been nice to see Herz get another crack at it. But here's hoping the Harold & Kumar guy can bring some surprises.

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