Watch Al Pacino Go Crazy, Discuss Oscar Wilde in New Wilde Salome Featurette

Al Pacino might be the kind of guy who agrees to shameful, hot dog-related cameo in an Adam Sandler cross-dress movie, but he is still (partly) a serious thespian. For evidence, look no further than the Oscar winner's next directorial effort, Wilde Salome, a behind-the-scenes documentary that combines footage of his Broadway performance of Oscar Wilde's Salome with video of Pacino obsessing over the poet and directing/stressing out about his project. It's all very meta. Click ahead to see Pacino unravel in the first glimpse of Wilde Salome.

Let's talk about our favorite/least favorite parts of this video. I loved when Al Pacino stepped out of his black Escalade and lady-jogged to something -- not sure what -- to establish the urgency of his intentions. My second favorite part was when Pacino complained to no one specifically, "I got [Pacino-esque pause] too much [shorter Pacino-esque pause] to do." My least favorite part was any time that the Oscar winner looked like Lewis Black while power walking around Europe.

Pacino's Wilde Salome co-stars Movieline favorite (and Fall season overachiever) Jessica Chastain and premieres at this fall's Venice Film Festival.

[via Yahoo!]