Read the Extended (and Previously Lost) Opening Scene to Say Anything

Twenty-two years have passed since Cameron Crowe made his directorial debut with Say Anything, the endearing romantic comedy starring John Cusack as a trench coat-clad kickboxer and Ione Skye as his valedictorian crush. To celebrate the '80s classic, Crowe has released -- for the very first time -- the original extended opening scene to the movie, which as you recall, begins with Cusack's Lloyd Dobler in his best friend's (Lili Taylor) bedroom, discussing his future plans. Check out a glimpse of the script ahead.


For the rest of the original opening scene, head over to Cameron Crowe's website. To compare it to the first scene that made it into the film we know and love, click here.

· Say Anything... Deleted Scenes - PG-13 (Extended Opening) []

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