Dancing Hamsters, 'Party Rock Anthem' and Killer Robots: Watch Mark Romanek's Kia Commercial

· If you watched the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night, the chances are good you saw one of the ka-billion showings of the Kia commercial featuring a post-apocalyptic robot war, a pack of dancing hamsters and the summer smash "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO. Fun fact: that bananas bit of marketing was directed by Mark Romanek, music video veteran and the man behind Never Let Me Go. Click through to watch, get "Party Rock Anthem" stuck in your head for the day, and stick around for more Buzz Break.

[via Movies.com]

· Nick Nolte -- who chews scenery with the gusto of a man who hasn't eaten in two weeks in Warrior -- has been added to the massive cast of Gangster Squad. He'll play the police chief who puts together the titular squad. [Deadline]

· We have to go back? Matthew Fox was detained by police officers in Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday night after allegedly assaulting a woman while trying to get on a party bus. The former Lost star -- in Cleveland shooting I, Alex Cross -- reportedly hit the woman in the breast and stomach area; she allegedly punched him back, causing a fat lip. [TMZ]

· Take that, Ryan Gosling! Brad Pitt saved an extra from being trampled on the set of World War Z. [NYDN]

· Mike Tyson and TMZ head Harvey Levin will be among those roasting Charlie Sheen on Comedy Central. Obviously. [Deadline]