Which Twilight Pair Tweeted a Pic of Themselves in Spandex as 'The Wonder Twins?'

While November's sequel The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 approaches slowly but surely, at least two of the franchise's long-time cast members are spending their downtime cavorting around in even more fantastical fashion -- in matching his 'n' hers superhero costumes that transform them into the comic book duo known as "The Wonder Twins." Hit the jump to discover which Twilight fan favorites suited up in spandex for your weekend gawking pleasure.

nikkireed_wondertwins300.jpgAlas, it's not dueling Twilight suitors Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner (cool your jets, Team Jake-ward slash fiction fans) but Cullen family members Peter Facinelli (L) and Nikki Reed. Reed posted the fuzzy pic to her newly minted Twitter account, which is so brand new it hasn't yet received Twit-verification. But unless some imposter managed to get their hands on Reed's personal cell phone photos in order to post ridiculous behind-the-scenes shots nefariously to the web, assume for now that it's legit.

Oh, right... why exactly are Facinelli and Reed posing so cheerfully in matching Ace & Gary-esque garb? Reed explains: "@peterfacinelli directed a skit for @collegehumor...here's a pic of us on set as The Wonder Twins! It comes out in a wk-keep you posted."

During Comic-Con, it was revealed that the pair were filming the side project, based on the '70s-era DC comic. Stay tuned for the College Humor release to see what hijinks ensue when Facinelli and Reed shout, "WonderTwin powers activate!"

[via @NikkiReed_I_Am]


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