Watch Johnny Depp Breathe Fire and Undress Amber Heard in the Rum Diary Trailer

Hunter S. Thompson fans have been patiently waiting over a decade for The Rum Diary to reach the big screen. (In fact, the adaptation process, which began in 2000, was so frustrating that the author himself coined the phrase "waterhead fuckaround" to describe the slow studio proceedings.) But The Rum Diary is finally in the can with a fall release date thanks to English writer and director Bruce Robinson, Thompson's long-time friend Johnny Depp and Depp's production company Infinitum Nihil. Let's take a look at the trailer!

Supplanting Thompson for the second time onscreen (the first time was in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas), Depp plays Paul Kemp, a booze-loving journalist who travels to Puerto Rico on assignment. As in the novel, movie Kemp becomes involved with a beautiful young woman (Amber Heard), squabbles with his editor (Richard Jenkins) and enjoys copious drunken, sometimes drug-induced and violent, revelry. Unlike the novel though, Robinson seems to have given Kemp a hero-making journey. Instead of a directionless writer soaking up the Puerto Rican rays and rum, Depp's Kemp is on a mission to take down a corrupt businessman (Aaron Eckhart). This seems a little like gonzo sacrilege but I'm excited to see The Rum Diary either way.

The Rum Diary finally reaches theaters October 28.

VERDICT: Hunter S. Thompson + Depp + a Bejeweled Tortoise = A Must See.


  • Jen Yamato says:

    Why did they tweak the Chenault love triangle plotline?! I mean, I understand why. But WHY?? Sigh.

  • ILDC says:

    It has nothing to do with Pirates of the Caribbean?

  • AS says:

    I've been looking forward to this for several years now and it's nice to finally see a trailer. Looks like it's going to be great. Depp + Thompson = winning.

  • andrew says:

    I too have been waiting for this, and frankly I'm surprised it's made it this far.
    But... I can't really be bothered to care now. Just.. really not interested in movies with Johnny Depp anymore.
    On the other hand, I bet Richard Jenkins will be great...

  • I’m very anxious to see Depp embody the good doctor again! Thompson influenced the past few generations with his invention of Gonzo Journalism. His work and antics will live on to influence even more generations to come. I paid tribute to Hunter S Thompson and his work with my portrait and article on my artist's blog at

  • mae west says:

    Watching the trailor of the "Rum Diary" I found to be very, very funny...When Johnny Depp is in the little car and the police are next to him & his friend...Both squashed into which i thin is a Fiat...The line "Try and look normal" is a Classic...Very funny Indeed, the overall opinion of this Movie I think should be full of Fun, Action, & Slap Stick Humour! Look Forward to seeing it! 🙂

  • Lupe says:

    I’m impressed. You’ve really raseid the bar with that.

  • narges says:

    This is a bad movei