Robert Pattinson Loves Him Some Ladies in New Images from Bel Ami

belami_5.jpgThough a U.S. release date has yet to be set, Twi-hards are already squeeing with anticipation for Robert Pattinson's period adaptation Bel Ami, in which the Twilight star plays a turn of the century dandy sleeping his way through the ranks of Parisian high society. Which means he gets up close and personal (and hot and heavy and between the sheets) with pretty much every woman in sight, as seen in a new batch of pics that have surfaced online.

Based on Guy de Maupassant's 1885 French novel, Bel Ami marks a more mature turn for Pattinson, who finally gets to seal the deal onscreen with Kristen Stewart in November's The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Pt. 1, if rather chastely. (And with horrific consequences.)

As soldier-turned-man whore George Duroy in Bel Ami, however, expect RPattz to go full sexy with co-stars Christina Ricci, Uma Thurman (both pictured below), and Kristin Scott Thomas. Behold, the artful period design and various compromising positions you can expect to see (along with a snap of Pattinson and director Declan Donnellan).






[Spletnik via Robsessed]


  • Portland says:

    Finally someone's made a period drama that doesn't star Keira Knightley.
    I doubt they've made it as seedy as the book, but I'll check it out. Rpattz seems to carry off the look, too.

  • kiki says:

    whats so funny is the story of bel-ami is still relevant in today's time. a story about a man that will use and abuse the people around him to gain money and power. probably even more relevant today.

  • gaga says:

    yea, like the guy who married that Kim W$ore

  • irene says:

    Has anyone seen this? It's like they hide it from viewers.

  • Heather says:

    I have waited a long time for this to finally be released in the US. Robert did interviews about it last year and said he did a nude scene. Maybe that's what is holding up the release. Hope its soon 🙁