Talkback: Name Your Favorite Rejected Toy Story Title

ToyStory300.jpgWe still may not know for sure whether Pixar is planning a Toy Story 4, but we do know that sixteen years ago -- long before Buzz and Woody grossed nearly $2 billion at the global box office -- Pixar was having a difficult time titling John Lasseter's toy project. So much so that the studio enlisted all of their employees to brainstorm ideas, some of which have surfaced on the Internet today.

The folks over at Ain't It Cool noticed that Pixar's Lee Unkrich -- who edited the original Toy Story before going on to direct the most recent threequel -- started listing some of the rejected titles on his Twitter page. Of the 200 plus alternate titles, here are the ones Unkrich shared:

The New Toy

Made In Taiwan

Moving Buddies

To Infinity and Beyond

Wind-Up Heroes

The Cowboy & The Spaceman

Spurs & Rockets

Bring Me The Arm of Buzz Lightyear

Toyz in the Hood

Each Sold Separately

Rex's First Movie

Wind the Frog

Wings & Pullstrings

Some Assembly Required

For the Love of Peep

The Favorite

"If you thought those were bad, there were hundreds of others," Unkrich added on his Twitter feed. "None were better than plain old Toy Story, so that's the title the world got."

Which of the above titles is your favorite? I can't even begin to picture a world in which Tom Hanks has to promote a movie called Bring Me the Arm of Buzz Lightyear or, most horrifically, Moving Buddies.

· Lee Unkrich reveals some rejected Toy Story titles that were kicked around! []


  • NP says:

    Those are all so terrible. Embarrassing. Why was the document where they were written not destroyed/shredded/etc.? Get on that, Unkrich.

  • anonymous says:

    The Favorite actually isn't so bad, as it does tap into the central conflict of the first film (although Toy Story is still better). Toyz in the Hood and For the Love of Peep are just hilariously awful

  • Anon says:

    Moving Buddies sounds suspiciously like Tom Hanks' other masterpiece from the small screen, Bosom Buddies. If only Peter Scolari was involved somehow...