Flings With Benefits: Watch the New Trailer for SXSW Fave Weekend

The SXSW/Outfest favorite Weekend, starring newcomers Tom Cullen and Chris New, explores what happens when a one-night stand turns into a meaningful bond -- and when the two lovers in question happen to be sexy, hirsute gentlemen who sometimes look like each others' doppelgangers. In other words, this movie should be taught in schools. View the trailer for director Andrew Haigh's touching (not cloying!), honest (not earnest!) film after the jump.

Not a millisecond's worth of overacting in this color-unsaturated trailer. Even if one character is pressing the other to speak meaningfully into a tape recorder, I already believe the chemistry here more than I did in, say, Blue Valentine where Ryan Gosling's Situation-reminiscent mugging always took me out of the scene. I can't find a thing wrong here. Maybe I could've been invited to hang out with the lead duo?

Weekend comes out September 23 in New York.

Verdict: Why wasn't I invited? Why? 🙁


  • NP says:

    Oh my. I need to see this. Strictly for the quality filmmaking and acting.
    Only in NY on the 23rd you say? Bwahahaha. Eat it, LA!

  • tn says:

    I think there accents really help in making this not so cloying. Something about american gay male characters, they're usually super anoying un-realistic. Not very many movies have got us right. You should fix that Louis Virtel. I so agree with your comment about Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentine, I kept expecting him to look directly into the camera with a "what me worry?" look.