Watch Potential Future Oscar Nominee Elizabeth Olsen in Two New Martha Marcy May Marlene Trailers

Ever since its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, Movieline -- as well as pretty much anyone who has seen Martha Marcy May Marlene -- has been predicting an Oscar nomination for its breakout leading lady Elizabeth Olsen. Now, thanks to two more haunting trailers from Fox Searchlight, you can double dose on Olsen's apparently brilliant work as a young woman trying to move past her eerie cult experience and wonder again, "Will Olsen be this year's Jennifer Lawrence?"

Either way, one thing is for sure: John Hawkes, who appears in both Martha Marcy May Marlene and Winter's Bone (for which Lawrence, as well as he, was nominated last year), has cornered the market on backwoods creepy.

Martha Marcy May Marlene was directed by Hollywood newcomer Sean Durkin and co-stars Hugh Dancy and Sarah Paulson as the family members who take Olson's character in after she leaves the cult. The drama arrives in theaters Oct. 21.

VERDICT: Fear is the most amazing emotion of all.

[via FilmStage]


  • TN says:

    I ask this of anyone has had the luck of seeing this movie already, Is this movie like an overblown posery inane indie psychosexual thrillerdrama (Like Black Swan) or is something inspired and memorable. I already like the title, all those M's. And Elizabeth Olsen smiles in real life, so she's ok in my book. I really want to see this!

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