A Real Human Being and a Real Hero: Ryan Gosling Apparently Stops New York Street Fight

Movie stars: they really are just like us! They didn't like Terrence Malick's Tree of Life, they have trouble containing their bladders on international flights, and they break up gritty street fights? Perhaps! At least if they're Ryan Gosling, who performed the latter chivalrous act recently in New York. Now, thanks to a passerby who couldn't ignore the opportunity to capture the escalating urban violence on her cell phone, there is footage online. Ahead!

So, yes, that is definitely Ryan Gosling breaking up a street fight in New York City. Question, though: isn't it a little suspicious that the video has surfaced now, smack dab between the release dates of Crazy Stupid Love (July 29) and Drive (Sept. 16)?

Well, maybe not, given that:

1. The actor is on the cover of nearly every major magazine this month and doesn't need the extra publicity.

2. Drive does not face the kind of imminent box office danger Green Lantern did when those nude cell phone pics of someone who looked an awful lot like co-star Blake Lively leaked online.

3. "queenofpinups," the YouTube user who posted the footage, has been posting homemade videos that date four years back (as opposed to the suspicious brand new user who "leaked" the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trailer).

Movieline has reached out to Gosling's rep, who has yet to respond to request for confirmation or comment on this story. In the meantime, let's give him the benefit of the doubt and listen to College's "A Real Hero" -- which features prominently and awesomely in Drive -- to celebrate.

[via Vulture]


  • redcup says:

    Man, that's some cynicism for you.

  • Mike the Movie Tyke says:

    The Seussian referee outfit indicates he has some amateur moderating experience.

  • SK says:

    Who's ever filming that is a complete moron. I mean here you have chance to get a major movie star on film and you cover the lens with your hand. I'm guessing she's not an NYU student.

  • Gingerbreadman says:

    That's NOT Ryan Gosling. C'mon

  • Eks says:

    Dumbasses cover the lens in their infantile excitement. Maybe it's because that's not Ryan Gosling and they'd like the viewers to think that it is.