New Toy Story Short to Precede The Muppets in Theaters

Disney's D23 Expo just unleashed a delightful tidbit: The Muppets, which we're suddenly craving, will play in theaters this November with a new Toy Story short called Small Fry. Earlier this year, Cars 2 premiered with a Toy Story Toon about Ken and Barbie's Hawaiian Vacation. Any plot guesses for this one? I'm hoping Bo Peep returns bearing, like, 13 Fisher Price Little People children. [/Film]


  • Brian says:

    If it's titled 'Small Fry' maybe it's about Mr and Mrs Potato Head having a kid?

  • KevyB says:

    Yeah, that seems like the obvious choice.

  • TJ says:

    From HuffPost blogger Jim Hill, who acted the moderator of the panel
    In short, Bonnie, the girl to whom Andy gave his toys at the end of "Toy Story 3," leaves Buzz Lightyear at a fast food restaurant, taking instead a kids' meal toy version of Buzz. He must find his way back home; in the process, he stumbles upon a support group for lost kids' meal toys, led by a mermaid warrior who is voiced by Jane Lynch.