Talkback: Is Josh Groban Your Next Big Comedy Star?

98406_josh-groban-hits-the-red-capret-at-the-mandela-day-gala-dinner-in-new-york-city-on-july-15-2009.jpgYou raised him up -- to the heights of a movie star, I mean! Josh Groban, the affable Oprah favorite with the groin-jitteringly rich voice, was a major perk of Crazy, Stupid, Love as Emma Stone's all-wrong boyfriend Richard. Now he's set to star on something called "television" as Ed Helms' onscreen brother on The Office. Are we at the dawn of Josh Groban's big-time jump to screen stardom?

You have to applaud anyone who transitions from pensive, beturtlenecked album covers to wisecracking, live-action antics -- that's quite a range! (I'm serious!) Though he sings straight to angels, there's always been a quality of groundedness to Josh Groban that reminds me a little of John Cusack. He can be as romantic, kooky, or delirious as he wants, but there remains a layer of even-keel competence to make it likable. He's perfect for the Apatow coterie, and in case you didn't know already, he's an Oscar nominee. So there, music-and-movie separatists!

Plus, if his CD of Kanye West tweets is any indication, he's willing to go as broad and as shameless as any sketch star in recent memory. I believe!

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  • Sarah says:

    He was hilarious in his "Glee" cameo on the Acafellas episode in season 1 (remember how awesome season 1 was?)