Spend Two Seconds Guessing What Film the Abduction Poster Rips Off

We've already discussed how Taylor Lautner might not be a believable protagonist in an action film, especially one where Sigourney-effing-Weaver is relegated to a supporting role. Now we have to wonder if Abduction is believable as a film at all, since its new poster takes a page out of a very-effing-popular movie franchise from the past decade. Run like Tay-tay, and click through for comparison.


[Click for bigger]

Well, Mr. Lautner will have to be punished. But how? I say we sign him up to star in The Adjustment Bureau 2: Cruel Fate, where Lautner takes over Matt Damon's role and is forced to jog through NYC portals for three hours while John Slattery looks on and snickers. Emily Blunt, you will be replaced by Taylor Swift. Done.

[Abduction poster via Moviefone]