Today in Our Idiot Brother Marketing: Paul Rudd Loves Fantasy Football

paulrudd-300.jpgOn the heels of that very-funny Funny or Die video featuring Paul Rudd and Harvey Weinstein discussing marketing strategies for Our Idiot Brother, comes Rudd revealing his secret shame on the cover of the latest edition of The Hollywood Reporter. Unlike some other celebs, however, his addiction is slightly less scandalous; like millions of Americans -- and other Hollywood stars like Ashton Kutcher -- Rudd plays fantasy football. "It's just so super nerdy. It sucks," the Our Idiot Brother star told the trade magazine. "I wish I didn't like it as much as I do. It's a sickness."

Rudd -- who participated in one of the more memorable onscreen documentations of grown men playing fantasy sports in Knocked Up (with help from Paul Feig) -- compares the billion dollar industry to another nerd-tastic game.

"I've never played Dungeons & Dragons, but essentially I am now as a grown man," he said. "When you associate it with sports, it seems like, 'Oh, it's cooler because it's sports.' But it's not. And anybody who doesn't play it has absolutely the right attitude about it, which is, 'You guys are lame.' But it's so fun, it sucks you in."

It sure does! (Question to the crowd: Would you keep Tom Brady or Jahvid Best for this season? I'm asking for a friend! Ahem.) No word as to whether Rudd's titular dullard likes fantasy sports in Our Idiot Brother, but you can apparently expect his character in Judd Apatow's untitled Knocked Up spin-off to still manage a team. Hopefully he knows better than to draft Carlos Delgado. After all, he retired.

· What Fantasy Football Means to Hollywood [THR]


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