John Cho Shoots Santa Claus in Hilarious Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas Trailer

If you're already sick of seeing the same cheery holiday movie previews (and that would be unfortunate since it's only August), behold: a yuletide trailer that will get your cynical juices flowing. How am I so sure? Because Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas offers the only preview clip in the history of man (and movie trailers) to begin with the words, "I shot Santa Claus in the face. He's real and I shot him in the face." Jump ahead to watch the stoner-on-Santa violence and to see what happens when Neil Patrick Harris runs into Jesus Christ at a bar. (It's hilarious, I assure you).

Because this has everything I look for in a movie -- Neil Patrick Harris playing a lecherous version of himself, self-effacing 3-D jokes, 12-year-olds who play beer pong, Texas whorehouse humor, toddlers with "the munchies" -- I will be seeing this in theaters the day it premieres, November 4.

VERDICT: Yes, please.

[via Yahoo!]

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