American Reunion Producer Admits American Pie Sequels Kinda Sucked

americanreunion-reunion-120.jpgAlmost all of the original American Pie gang is back for American Reunion -- even MILF Guy Number 2 himself, John Cho -- but producer Craig Perry admits it took a while for some of the cast to get over what the series had become: "As much as you say that the people maybe wanted to put that behind them, age and distance have made them realize that it's their legacy, and you can either disavow it or embrace it and be happy," he tells Box Office Magazine. However, Perry promises, Stifler will be more of a human being this time around. Wait a minute -- Stifler, the buffoon who ingests all manner of disgusting crap accidentally for our entertainment, a fully-fleshed out character? What fun is that? [Box Office Magazine]