The Odd Life of Timothy Green Trailer: Jennifer Garner Wins a Baby!

Call the trailer for The Odd Life of Timothy Green the flip-side of yesterday's grim sociopath drama We Need to Talk About Kevin. Just like in that clip, a mysterious child is born, except this one's not a soulless weirdo -- this time, he's a cute soccer player! And his mom isn't an exasperated Tilda Swinton -- it's a plucky Jennifer Garner! Luckily, one major similarity they share is quality. I can't believe I want to see this quaint Disney jam.

Point of order: When that muddy kid shows up in the cardboard box, it's scarier than anything in We Need to Talk About Kevin. It reminds me of The Others, and I don't mean that in the contrived Dream House way. It's just damn spooky when children are contained in corrugated fiberboard.

odd-life-timothy-green-300.jpgWhat a strange little movie. I gulped when Garner and Joel Edgerton started writing up all their favorite qualities in a kid, because that's not what real people do. Real people don't grab notepads, draw hearts on them, and anxiously scribble "Picasso with a pencil!" and "Scores the winning goal!" on them, because wishing for children should not be like Balderdash. But once the enigmatic child appeared, their joy seemed sincere and even underplayed. Jennifer Garner is damn good with maternal roles, no? Even if her kid is an ethereal kindergartener with magic soccer moves and perfectly floppity hair, Jen Garner sells realistic parental pride right.

I don't know what to make of the kid (CJ Adams) and his outstretched, sorcerer arms at the end of the trailer yet. All I know is that The Odd Life of Timothy Green came about thanks to one of Ahmet Zappa's ideas (seriously), and so I'm banking on unforeseen weirdness. Or at least a Dweezil/Moon Unit cameo.

And did you hear that lady at the end of the trailer mutter, "Where did he come from?" I know the ever-cynical Ms. Rosemarie Dewitt when I hear her! May as well call this movie Rachel Getting Maternity already. I'm in, and I'm bringing my sun-dappled dreamchildren with me.

VERDICT: A beautiful, bouncing, semi-frightening baby boy!

[via Yahoo!]


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