VIDEO: The Epic Michael Bay 360 Degree Shot Supercut You've Been Waiting For

One of the more famous staples of Michael Bay's visual vocabulary is, without a doubt, the 360-degree spinning shot, in which the camera circles actors as they stare meaningfully into the distance -- one of the most instantly recognizable directorial flourishes around (also see: J.J. Abrams and those damn lens flares). Within, marvel at the signature circular hero shot in a supercut edit piecing together said shot for a minute and a half of Michael Bay epicness.

Now, fair warning: The supercut pieced together by the folks at Screen Junkies isn't quite as complete as it could be; there's an awful lot of Bad Boys and no The Unborn, which Bay produced, and which I distinctly remember having a Bay-esque Odette Yustman 360-degree shot. And the obligatory ScarJo in The Island shot isn't technically a spinning shot, but whatevs. Somewhere out there are the makings of a truly epic Michael Bay spinning shot supercut for us completists, and until that hits the web I'll make do with watching Bay brilliantly make the world literally revolve around the characters in his films. As it does around him in real life, of course.

Michael Bay Epic Spinning Shot Supercut [Screen Junkies]