Hype Williams to Direct Joe Eszterhas-Penned Sexual Thriller Lust

hypewilliams300.jpgMusic video veteran Hype Williams made his feature debut with 1998's Belly, a stylized noir-esque crime pic starring rappers DMX and Nas that had its problems but nevertheless presaged a decent future in film for Williams. Somehow, though, Williams never followed up his first film with additional features, with project after project falling through. Until now, as Variety reports that the director has signed on to helm Lust, a "Fatal Attraction in reverse" penned by Joe Eszterhas (Basic Instinct, Showgirls).

According to Variety, the $28M thriller is currently in the casting stage and will begin filming in November, with some lensing to take place in Miami and New York. Here's how the synopsis is described:

Story centers on a 30-year-old man married to an older Miami-based magazine publisher. The publisher is seduced by a younger, charming playboy -- who secretly videotapes himself and his new lover having sex, leading to the woman's life unraveling.

However, an initial Hollywood Reporter article on Lust from April has a slightly different plot description that seems to make a bit more sense:

A cross between Basic Instinct and Fatal Attraction, Lust centers on a 30-year old beauty who is married and in love with an older Miami-based fashion magazine publisher, only to be seduced by a younger charming playboy on a business trip in Los Angeles. The playboy has an Russian assistant who is in love with him, and in this twisted jealous love triangle, secretly videotapes him and his new lover having sex to show it to her husband.

Well, which is it, trades?? Older male magazine publisher seduced by younger, charming playboy (same-sex intrigue!) or 30-year-old wife seduced by younger, charming playboy? Something tells me THR had it right, if only because they added the following:

The consequences of the woman's impulsive, escapade unravel into a high suspense thriller promising plenty of steamy sex scenes, set against the backdrop of the high-stakes world of real estate brokering in Miami.

Alrighty. Back to Hype Williams: I'd always watched his music video work hoping he'd take his eye for slick visuals and fisheye lenses and his ability to make a simple soundstage look insanely flashy and direct a sci-fi project or an action flick, not something that sounds like an episode of CSI: Miami. Then again, the Miami setting screams "Hype Williams," the visuals are guaranteed to look hot, and Hollywood's been severely lacking in Eszterhas's brand of pulpy erotic thrills for far too long.

Sample a few Hype Williams music video highlights and remember, this guy OWNED hip-hop music video directing in the '90s and '00s.

· Hype Williams to helm Joe Eszterhas thriller [Variety]


  • TrustMe says:

    The lead is a female magazine editor who is 27. She is married to a publisher of the same magazine; he's 37. On an out-of-town trip, she has an affair with a 32-year-old man. Things get complicated when a blackmail plot and a video of the liaison make their way back to Miami.

  • The WInchester says:

    The lead characters could all be in their 60s, hell Betty White could be the lead for all I care, this movie had my $10 at Eszterhas!

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