The Glee Cast Had No Idea That Jane Lynch Wasn't In Their Movie

McKinley High School may still be on summer break but that does not mean that the cast of Glee is on vacation. This Friday, the plucky members of New Directions premiere their first feature film Glee: The 3D Concert Movie, made up of footage from a June concert performance in East Rutherford, NJ, along with fan testimonials about the power of the Fox song and dance series. Everything you expect from a Glee movie, in fact, except for Jane Lynch.

To celebrate the premiere, the film's stars -- Lea Michele, Dianna Agron, Cory Monteith, Chris Colfer, Amber Riley, Darren Criss, Mark Salling, Heather Morris, Naya Rivera, Harry Shum, Jr., Jenna Ushkowitz and Ashley Fink convened in the W Los Angeles in Westwood on Saturday to answer press questions about staying in character, being tackled by their own security team and the lack of Sue Sylvester.

The cast had no idea that Jane Lynch is M.I.A. in their 3D Concert Movie.

When asked why Jane Lynch appeared in the film's trailer and not the actual movie, the entire panel responded with a surprised, "What?!"

When pressed for other concert moments that the cast was disappointed to see had not made the final movie cut, Darren Criss offered, "We haven't seen it. But I'm sure there are."

Darren Criss and Ashley Fink were both mistaken for fans...and savagely Glee's own security team.

"I didn't miss a single Amber Riley performance the entire tour. I even tried to hug her once [after she finished but] I had put on a hoodie and the security guys were like ninjas," Darren Criss said. "It was my fault. I went to go hug her backstage, just did a beeline for her, and I just got tackled."

"I got tackled onstage," added Ashley Fink. "But that's a long story."

For the sake of the tour, Chris Colfer had no choice but to stay in character as Kurt the entire time.

"I had to be in character the whole time. Otherwise, there was no way that I could have sung 'Single Ladies' every single night," Colfer cracked.

Even Cory Monteith and Dianna Agron think that their Fox series has maybe gone a little too far in its attempt to push boundaries.

When asked about the show's adult content, Monteith confided, "The show explores a lot of mature content and it pushes a lot of boundaries. It's definitely -- it's crossed the line a few times but I think what's really important about the show is that it brings the topics of conversation up for discussion."

Dianna Agron jumped in to suggest that maybe the content was too adult to be recognized by its younger audience. "I had no idea that Rizzo [in Grease] was pregnant and hopefully some of our younger audience members... I hope a lot of it is going over their heads. I know a lot of it would have been going over my head."

Heather Morris and Kevin McHale would both like the opportunity to make out with Dianna Agron.

"Someone asked me who would be Brittany's next hook-up," Morris volunteered at one point in between questions. "And I said I wanted Dianna for sure."

"That's what I've been saying for Artie!" added McHale.

Like her character on the show, Heather Morris is the most free-spirited member of the Glee bunch.

While most of the cast remained relatively tight-lipped about the series and their time on tour, Morris -- who plays McKinley High's adorably blonde ditz -- revealed that she made a "cut-off denim jacket" in preparation for the tour as a good luck charm.

When asked whether the cast members would consider dating someone who could not sing or dance in real life, Morris's knee jerk response made a Fox publicist cringe. "My boyfriend can't dance and I love it. I'm like, 'You're going to dance with me. I'm going to make you. I'm going to get you drunk.'"

The 3D cameras forced Kevin McHale to break his character once, shattering the illusion of handicapped Artie to many young children in the audience."

"The [3D cameras] got in my way once," McHale revealed on Saturday. "The whole thing was [that] I couldn't get out of my [wheel]chair until I was hidden behind the band. That had been so strongly stressed when we started the tour... to not break [my character] and the 3D camera was in my way, in the back, so I got a little angry because I had to leave the chair out in the middle [of the stage] and everyone could just see me get up and leave."

Harry Shum, Jr. saved the 3D Concert Movie from an R-rating... or at least an up-skirt shot of Dianna Agron.

Agron revealed that for one concert that was being taped in 3D, "There was a camera on the back of Kevin's chair. Harry's a very coordinated dancer and I remember on the first number I am right behind [Kevin] so that would be an area that I might not want on camera swaying back and forth. Harry, just kind of [bumped me out of the way] and I thought, 'That's weird, Harry's so coordinated. Did he trip?' and then I realized that he was going in and out of the camera and I thought, 'Aw, what a gentleman.'"

In spite of Ryan Murphy's shocking revelation that most of his cast members won't be returning to the series next year -- and his later walk-back from that comment -- the atmosphere is still calm on set. (Or at least the cast has been instructed to say as much.

"[The announcement] clearly hasn't affected anything," McHale said in between joking around with his fellow cast members.

"It hasn't and nothing has been established or confirmed," Naya Rivera added. "So we're just focused on this season and getting back to work. It's like going back to school. We're really excited about this season."