VIDEO: Alec Baldwin Puts John Krasinski in a Yankees Bikini for New Era

Throughout the baseball season New Era has released some fairly hilarious commercials-cum-viral videos featuring Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski and the increasing stakes of their Yankees/Red Sox fan rivalry. The fourth spot has come online just in time for the latest on-field Yanks/Sox tangle -- the teams meet for three games in Boston this weekend -- and while it isn't as funny as the previous ones, it does feature Krasinski in a Yankees bikini. Photoshopped, but hey: still comedy!

Baldwin's cackle, FTW.

[via SplitSider]


  • Ann Onymous says:

    This is the fourth commercial, not third.
    • Rivalry Begins
    • One Hitter
    • Painted Dog
    • Jumbotron John

  • Rowan says:

    This is the fourth spot, not the third. First the trash-talking on the phone, then the dog that was spray-painted, then the one where Alec clocks John in the jaw, then this one - which is not as funny as the other three.

  • That's right! Thanks. Fixed.