Watch: Final Destination 5 Brings Death to Bayside High in Saved by the Bell Homage

Miles Fisher, one of the stars of the blatant Oscar bait Final Destination 5, has created a music video parodying his new movie and, (because he apparently rules), Saved by the Bell. In this homage to Bayside High, watch as Miles's friends -- all played by his Final Destination 5 co-stars -- die off like plague victims and reference all the Jessie Spano caffeine pill drama you can muster. And oh, there's David Koechner as Mr. Belding.

I warn you, it's disturbing how much Miles looks not like Mark-Paul Gosselaar in his Zack Morris wig, but Gene Rayburn. The oversize brown suit coat does not help.


Miles Fisher as Zack Morris

Nick D'Agosto as A.C. Slater

Emma Bell as Jessie Spano

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Kelly Kapowski

David Koechner as Principal Belding

Ellen Wroe as... Lisa Turtle? (Kristy Barnes?)

P.J. Byrne as Screech

'Saved by the Bell...' [Badass Digest]


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