Watch Emile Hirsch Fight Invisible Aliens in The Darkest Hour

Oh, how quickly a night at the Moscow nightclub can devolve into a life or death alien situation. One minute, you're posing for pictures with your friends as house music grinds behind you and the next, you're on your back shooting flames into the air and yelling Rambo-style at invisible invaders who have come to Earth to steal your electricity and destroy your golden retrievers. (Or something.) It's a tough battle, but you, as an American twentysomething tourist, are somehow most equipped to fight it. At least that is the story of Emile Hirsch's character in Chris Gorak's The Darkest Hour. Let's view the trailer for this 3-D sci-fi flick ahead.

Alien sci-flicks aren't about logic though -- they're about suspending belief long enough to think that Emile Hirsch, Olivia Thirlby (who is forced to battle aliens in a glittery club shirt) and their band of cute friends (Max Minghella, Rachael Taylor and Joel Kinnaman) can fend off their alien attackers in a foreign city. That Hirsch -- who sincerely delivers lines like, "We're going to fight the hell back" -- seems convincing enough to make this happen is a bonus. If you're not on the Hirsch train, though, there are enough explosions and crumbling Russian buildings to distract you. Also, aliens as light bulb filaments are kinda cool?

VERDICT: Lights out.

To view the trailer in HD, head over to Apple. Otherwise, mark Dec. 23 on your calendars as The Darkest Hour premiere date.

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  • The WInchester says:

    It can't be any dumber than Skyline, so I'm in.

  • Andrey Minkov says:

    Americans can rescue Moscow only.

  • Andrey Min'kov says:

    World rescue needs to be begun with Angelina Jolie rescue.

  • Bradley Paul Valentine says:

    Olivia Thrilby did not look anywhere near scared enough in that bus when Electro’s dick or whatever got her ankle. This movie doesn’t look all that bad for what it is. BUT what it is I’m really sick of since what it IS turns out to be just another repackaged aliens/robots/zombie/ghost invasion story anybody can edit on their iPhones now apparently. And enough of them do.

  • Ellie says:

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