First Clip from T&A-Free Shark Night 3D Teases T&A

With a name like Shark Night 3D -- and a trailer that highlights bikini-clad co-eds and shark attacks -- you would be right to assume that the upcoming David R. Ellis-directed film would be packed to the gills with boobs and blood. As the director told Movieline at Comic-Con, however, it's not. "This movie is just a really smart, well-written movie with great character arcs, great twists, without having to have gratuitous nudity or language. Jaws was PG-13. The Birds. All those really great horror films." Fair points, David! Though you might want to tell the marketing department, since the first clip from Shark Night teases gratuitous nudity and some shark-related ultra-violence.

To be fair, that scene is clear homage to Chrissie's death in Jaws -- right down to the shark POV from beneath the sea. Though for the perspective Shark Night audience member -- one weaned on the blood-splattered T&A in Piranha 3D last summer -- will that reference go unnoticed? Also, how does a shark that big hang out in water that shallow? Just sayin'.


  • Tommy Marx says:

    I still don't get how a shark attacked that little girl in 18 inches of water. Maybe SNL got it right. Maybe land sharks do...
    Oops, gotta go get the door. I'll be right back.

  • The WInchester says:

    This movie looks like the cinematic Sizzelean to Piranha 3D's filet mignon.

  • bailey says:

    "Jaws was PG-13."
    Jaws was released nine years before the PG-13 rating. This quote does not inspire confidence in the auteur of "Shark Night 3D."

  • James Freud says:

    And 'The Birds' 21 years before :D Not only does it not inspire confidence in David R. Ellis, but the author of this post agreeing they were "Fair points". :)

  • "Fair points" in that they are essentially B-movies that succeeded without resorting to ultra sex or violence. Getting bogged down in the minutia of the PG-13 rating, while quippy, is sorta meaningless.
    Not meaningless: the laughable idea that Shark Night will be anything like Jaws or The Birds. Puh-leeze.

  • metroville says:

    Let's all be friends and agree that the first ever PG-13 movie to be released was (speaking of Jaws) Spielberg's Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
    Ha! You're wrong! Temple *earned* the first PG-13 rating, but the first one to be *released* with that classification was actually Dreamscape. Nobody's friends.
    (But speaking of Dennis great is Innerspace?)

  • Huh? Temple was PG. It actually inspired the creation of the PG-13.
    Incidentally, both Temple and Dreamscape feature hearts being pulled from the chests of living beings. Could you imagine anything equivalent drawing less than an R today?

  • metroville says:

    That's what I meant. And yes, I can--unless the living being in question were a nude woman (because the MPAA has taught us that violence is acceptable but anything approaching a sexual nature is dirty and wrong).

  • Tuko says:

    This thing should be a blast, love the clip!

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