Can You Help Falling In Love with the Sweet First Trailer for Sundance Winner Like Crazy?

As a wise man (Okay, Elvis) once said, only fools rush in. But then we've all been foolish once or twice, haven't we? So prepare your heartstrings for the familiar aching that will ensue as you watch the dreamy first trailer for Like Crazy, Drake Doremus's Sundance Grand Jury Prize-winner about two college kids (Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones) who fall for each other right before graduation and then discover that love, and life, gets a lot more complex when your soul mate is half a world away.

Head to Apple for the high-res trailer.

Ah, young love. Frolicking on the beach, tumbling in the sheets, illuminated in the glow of a perennial L.A. sunset... until reality kicks in and suddenly you're looking at the gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence as a fallback girlfriend, longing for the British dream girl stuck without a visa in London. Kudos to Yelchin and Jones for making us feel the intensity of young love and the agony of separation in a flurry of moments.

I give Ingrid Michaelson's hazy, melancholy cover of "Can't Help Falling in Love" some of the credit for making this two-minute trailer so damn affecting, but just look at that luminous Felicity Jones; most recently seen in Julie Taymor's The Tempest, Jones won a Special Jury Prize for acting at Sundance for her role and should break out into the mainstream come October, when Paramount Vantage releases Like Crazy. (She's already lined up to join Amy Ryan and Guy Pearce in Doremus's next untitled film.)

Verdict: I'm hooked and heartbroken already. Circling October 28 for a good cry.


  • jake says:

    Huh? Nothing in this trailer says greatness. Some friend would have to see this and tell me how great it is for me to go watch it. Given: Indie film is stale and in decline. Given: Indie love stories in particular are in the rigor mortis stage of decay. Therefore: it takes a lot more than some mumbling and hugging and staring into each others eyes to say that this film is going to move me or enlighten my understanding of the human condition.
    Verdict: Well, the verdict is still out, based on this trailer.

  • Bryan says:

    I don't know if the mix is poor or if these people are experts at mumbling, but I can't understand a damn thing anybody says in this trailer.

  • friday says:

    How many of these dumbazz movies are they going to continue to make??? Who watches this kind of crap??? Oh I know, DAzWP!

  • Lauren says:

    ugh, samesies. very annoying.

  • karo says:

    My feelings exactly - already in love and heartbroken with this movie, just so certain that it's going to make me happy and sad at the same time...
    And they just released another trailer.