That's When Clarissa Explains It All Predicted Cowboys & Aliens

TeenNICK -- the network that scored a major coup this week with its new block of retro Nickelodeon programming called "The '90s are All That" -- just reacquainted us with the glory that was Clarissa Explains It All. Remember Clarissa's sweet hubcap collection? Or her pet caiman Elvis? Or her superhuman computer/DOS prowess? Well, here's one perk of Clarissa you probably don't remember: Her family predicted Cowboys & Aliens.

In a living room scene with Clarissa (Melissa Joan Hart) and her brother Ferguson (Jason Zimbler -- and yes, I knew that off the top of my head), Ferg-breath tells Clarissa to shut up so he can watch a certain B-movie on TV. And what is it? Yep, the Daniel Craig/Harrison Ford schlockfest that will disappoint the crap out of you.

Maybe in '91, Cowboys & Aliens would've been impressive. Actually, no. It would have been a below-average episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark?.

[via ONTD]

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