VIDEO: Bridesmaids Star Kristen Wiig Guests on New Closet-Set Web Show 7 Minutes in Heaven

· Well done, Internet; well done! Saturday Night Live writer Mike O'Brien debuted his new web series 7 Minutes With Heaven on Friday, and guest Kristen Wiig is more than up to the challenge of appearing on a show set inside a closet. Watch the Bridesmaids star mug for the camera, hide under a dress and make claustrophobia look as hilarious as possible. The only problem? The episode isn't seven minutes long! Guess 4 Minutes and 31 Seconds in Heaven wasn't as catchy. Your Friday Buzz Break is here.

Head over to the 7 Minutes in Heaven YouTube page to watch episodes with Andy Cohen and Movieline fave Elijah Wood.

· Why do people think Crazy, Stupid, Love. star Steve Carell is the nicest person in Hollywood? He's not so sure. "I think I'm averagely nice to people and I think that gets overblown. I think if you treat people with the sort of respect you would want to be treated with, that's all you can ask from anyone. And that's all I really ask of myself. You know, Tom Hanks makes me look like an asshole. So, I think I have a long way to go in order to achieve true nice-guy status." [Moviefone]

· "Clark Gable's Grandson Arrested for Allegedly Pointing Laser at LAPD Helicopter." [THR]

· Willem Dafoe is in early talks to play a "rogue scientist" in Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim. [Variety]

· Spend your weekend watch clips from William Shatner's ten most unintentionally hilarious roles, 1968-1978 edition. [SplitSider]

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