Studio Releases Post-Credits Ending of Captain America Online

captainamerica300.jpgAs someone in my Twitter feed asked this evening of Yahoo! Movies and Marvel Entertainment, "Why would you post the final scene of a movie?" Answer: It's only part of the post-credits sequence that ends Captain America, released in order to get audiences back into theaters to see the full Avengers-related final post-credits tease. But, still: Why ruin the ending of the movie you're actually selling right now? [Watch the spoilery clip after the jump.]

Yahoo! Movies posted the final scene of Captain America: The First Avenger today, in case you want to ruin it for yourself, if you haven't already seen the film in theaters. The sequence is edited to only partially reveal the Avengers sneak peek included in theatrical screenings (and the scene is cut to leave out the very last line, if we're splitting hairs).

"Don't miss a first look at The Avengers," it reads, "only in theaters!" Will those extra seconds of Avengers footage entice moviegoers to spend $10 to see Captain America in the cinema, in a weekend packed with plenty of new competitors? Probably not; if you've got that much of a jones for a glimpse of the 2012 superhero team-up, you've likely already seen it by now. So, again: Why would any studio post the final scene of their movie -- especially when, in contrast to the rollicking two hours that preceded it (IMO), the final scene felt strangely abrupt?

[Yahoo! Movies]


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