First Look at Judge Dredd Reveals Who You Won't Be For Halloween 2012

judgedredd-empire-300.jpgWith the exception of news about a release date (Sept. 21, 2012), the Lionsgate reboot of Judge Dredd -- fittingly titled Dredd -- received precious little hype at Comic-Con over the weekend. Perhaps that was a good thing, though, judging from the first look at Karl Urban as the titular law-keeper. Is this first look at Dredd on the cover of Empire magazine an ad for Ricky's NYC, an ad for your local laser tag facility or the actual first clean image from the film? You be the judge (ding!) ahead.

"There's Karl Urban as Judge Dredd glowering menacingly into your magazine-buying eyes," writes Empire. Something like that! Dredd has more than 14 months to get its act together before arriving in theaters. Good luck, Judge!

[via Empire]


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