The Lizard Is Revealed, Andrew Garfield Almost Cries and 5 Other Highlights From Comic-Con's Amazing Spider-Man Panel

One of the highlights of yesterday's Comic-Con events was definitely the panel for the Amazing Spider-Man, where director Marc Webb and stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Rhys Ifans took the eager fans on an emotional Hall H journey. There was laughter, there were almost tears and there was terrifying footage of The Lizard. In cased you missed it, check out the highlights below.

1. Andrew Garfield shows up in a low-quality Spider-Man costume in Hall H audience "as a fan," delivers heartfelt message and nears tears in a very un-superhero moment.

While Hall H waited eagerly for the Amazing Spider-Man panel to begin, a costumed "fan" hijacked the mic and began stuttering something about how it was his dream to come to Comic-Con dressed as Spider-Man. The moderator halfheartedly objected, "We'll take questions at the end" but fan Spidey continued...until he ripped off his mask to reveal that he was indeed Garfield. Then Garfield pulled out a sheet of paper and nervously read a prepared speech thanking Stan Lee, Spider-Man, the fans, etc. Check out the sincere moment below.

2. Andrew Garfield jokes that he called Tobey Maguire every night during production for support.

When asked how often he spoke to Maguire while shooting, Garfield joked, "Every night. He was like a hotline. Like a suicide hotline. No, he didn't offer much. [...] No, I didn't speak to him during shooting. I spoke to him after. But I did get an amazing message sent through Matt on the day that it was announced that I would take on the mantle of this suit that is greater than him or me. And he kind of gave me his blessing. Which he didn't have to do."

3. The Lizard is revealed.

After teasing the Lizard, Marc Webb surprised audience members with the first ever 3-D video footage of the Lizard. Rhys Ifans starts out as Dr. Curt Connors. We see Connors in his lab, where Gwen Stacy works. He injects himself with a suspicious green substance, disappears into a sewer lab, watches as his arm mutates into a reptilian limb and screams in agony at the moon. Cut to two school girls cursing an ex-boyfriend in the stall of a public restroom. They hold a lighter to a photo of him, and are about to start burning when the toilet drops out from the floor and LIzard leaps through the floor. He pins the girls to the wall and sticks his pointy lizard tongue in their terrified faces menacingly.

4. Spidey and Lizard hug.

After the clip, the moderator announces that Rhys Ifans is actually here. The fans cheer as Ifans appears onstage, sticks his tongue out at Garfield, Lizard-style, and then pulls him in for a big bear hug.

5. Emma Stone reveals her and Andrew Garfield's "swing" song.

After Marc Webb described how he used music to set the tone on set (everything from Sleigh Bells to Louis Prima), Stone revealed her song choice for the day on set where she and Garfield had to swing -- when in actuality, they were just standing on boxes. "We tried a bunch of different songs," Stone said. "But the one that worked out was 'Dance Tonight' by Paul McCartney. It's a good song to swing to for future reference."

6. Identical Ghostbusters double team Stone.

Twin fans dressed in Ghostbusters t-shirts took the mic and asked Stone, "Now that you've appeared with both of the stars of The Social Network, why haven't you accepted our friend request on Facebook?"

After laughing, Stone replied, "Accepted. I'm just kidding. I don't have a Facebook. Don't believe what you hear. But if I did, I would accept you in a heartbeat."

7. Andrew Garfield asks the 7,000 Hall H audience members to "punch his trainer in the face" if anyone ever runs into him for the grueling workouts he put the actor through.

No explanation necessary.

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  • Sean C says:

    Why is it that the costume he is wearing in this promo is marginally better than the movie one?

  • 2+2=5 says:

    "He pins the girls to the wall and sticks his pointy lizard tongue in their terrified faces menacingly."
    lol, wut?

  • flash says:

    The most stupid aspect of these Spider-Man movies - especially this 'realistic' reboot - is the hyperOlympicfuturistic detail of the suit P. Parker wears. How does he MAKE the suit?
    They should have gone for a weird, stitched together pajama uniform for a handmade, maybe Burtonesque look.

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