Watch Robert Pattinson in the New Bel Ami Trailer: Dandylicious Liaisons

Robert Pattinson dons dandy tails, a dandy hat, dandy mannerisms, and dandy unintentional hilarity in the new trailer for Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod's adaptation of Guy de Maupassant's Bel Ami. Yay. He also quivers like Daniel Plainview in one shot, and before he can yell, "I've abandoned my child!" like a sessy vampire, you'll have visions of Dangerous Liaisons as you watch Uma Thurman wear period costuming.

"HIS CHARM WILL OPEN DOORS." OK, Jay Gatsby. Take me back to the West Egg where the trashy, less insufferably rich live. As expected, Christina Ricci lends credibility and her unbelievable screen presence (seriously) to the movie, and that helps compensate for the unfortunate fact that Bel Ami is not a biopic of Bill Bellamy. What if Rob Pattinson starred in Bellamy? Taylor Lautner could play Russell Simmons.

VERDICT: Not so fine, not so dandy.

[via Hollywood Life]


  • Chris says:

    This trailer needs more hairless eastern European twinks.

  • Gabi says:

    This was the most amazing performance I've seen so far from Mr. Pattinson...the Critic have to eat their words..and I hope they choke on it. If there will be anymore doubt on his acting ability then they will only be coming from some jealous hateful mind. This is brilliant..too bad we have to wait till after Breaking Dawn

  • The Pope says:

    Yay! If ever there was a film that proves Monsieur Pattinson is a blank, this is it. Double yay! Here endeth his career. Thrice, I say yay!

  • Morgo says:

    This looks awesome!
    But then, I am to CHristina Ricci was 90% of american teenage girls are to Robert Pattinson so I'm hardly unbiased

  • marjorie says:

    Everyone I know has been dying to see this movie...Robert Pattinson is amazing on screen, and this is not coming from a twi-age fan, he has legions of fans of all ages. We're only seeing the beginning of a long career for this talented, beautiful man. The camera loves him and so do we!

  • Nina001 says:

    The perfect performance! Bravo, mr. Pattinson! Cant wait for movie!

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