Bill Condon Clarifies: Will Stephenie Meyer Continue the Twilight Saga with More Books?

bill_condon_getty300.jpgYesterday in San Diego, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon mysteriously hinted that Stephenie Meyer could have more Twilight spin-offs left in her. Movieline caught up with Condon for a chat overlooking the Convention Center (full interview to come) and asked him to clarify: Is Stephenie Meyer planning to write more Twilight stories?

"No, that's just speculation," Condon explained. "But when I've asked her, 'Is it over?', she's been very definitive that [Twilight] is the Bella-Edward thing. She's sure of that; telling the Bella-Edward story is over for her."

However, Condon's not ruling out the possibility that more Twilight could be written, especially considering that Meyer contined her four-novel Twilight saga with the 2010 novella The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, which explored further the previously unseen experiences of a newborn vampire supporting character featured in her third book, Eclipse.

"That leaves you with the question," Condon mused. "God knows, in Breaking Dawn alone, the numbers of characters she introduced... She could go in a lot of different directions."

Stay tuned for more from Movieline's chat with Bill Condon and follow our Comic-Con coverage all weekend!

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  • melissa wright says:

    i hope there be breakingdawn part 3 and 4 next i' m a big fan of edward and bella and the cullen family where bella and edward daughter grows up

  • wendy says:

    I am in to the saga I think mrs meyers should be the first to have 2 or 3 part spin off of the movies. Life in lapush. Life of renesmea new trials and tribulations. Don't let sitcoms mimic and ruin it. Just for staters.

  • brandy says:

    I think these books and the movies are the best I've read and seen yet. I hope she will continue writing the books cause I feel there is so much more to the store she could explain about what happens with renesma, Jacob & the cullens. She is such a good writer.

  • ashley miller says:

    i think stephenie should write a book about jacob and renesmee. bella snd edward`s love story is over. renesmee and jake should get their`s.

  • ladonna says:

    I really think she should continue it but from edwards point of view. i am a really huge fan i love the movies & books so much that i have been watching & reading the first 3 movies & books for over a year i am addicted & the last book & movie since they came out & i have alot of twilight stuff & i have to see atleast one movie a day or night before i go to bed