Comic-Con Live-Blog: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Press Conference

Comic-Con 2011 kicks off today with Summit Entertainment's The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Pt. 1, with stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner and more cast joining director Bill Condon in San Diego. Follow along and refresh for updates as they happen from the morning press conference, scheduled to start at 9 am PT!

9:10 Elizabeth Reaser, Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Julia Jones, and Booboo Stewart are first up, sharing their Comic-Con experiences. Reaser and co-stars greeted fans at 6am who'd camped out overnight. Aww. It's Booboo's first Con!

9:13 When Ashley Greene got the Twilight gig, the first person she called was her dad. Jones has heard everyone's "I got the call" story. Stewart got the call, "then my mom made me go do yardwork outside."

9:16 Reaser on wrapping the film: "It's just so weird to end something, and five movies... it hit us, we were in shock." But she knows the promo campaign will last a while longer. Whispers: "It's never gonna end."

9:17 Reaser on the possibility of reprising her role in additional Twilight films, post-Breaking Dawn: "I think Stephenie's done with us."

9:19 Reed on Rosalie and Bella's relationship in Breaking Dawn: "I think they find some sort of middle ground... Rosalie wants to be a mom so she finds a way to work through her anger..."

9:20 Reaser's favorite deleted scene: "There was a scene that was deleted in the first movie, it was our little sexy scene. I remember that was a good scene. I kept wanting it to be more sexy. Catherine Hardwicke and I wanted it to be more hot, we were like 'They're going to go do something else now.' and Peter was like, 'No, no, no...'"

9:24 The Wedding Scene! Cast is tight-lipped, but they can at least say:

Greene: "At least filming wise, we do have the most fun when we're all together... it reminded me of the baseball scene."

Reaser: "And it's so beautiful, it really looks like a dream wedding... I don't think I can tell you anything about it."

Greene: "Well, I hung all those flowers, so..."

9:25 On cos-play: "I'd like to dress up as Batman," says Reaser. Reed and Facinelli dressed up as the Wonder Twins for a promo. Stewart would cos-play as a zombie.

9:26 Would they ever wait in line for something, like the Twilight fans do for Comic-Con? Reaser: "If I knew the White Stripes were going to come to the tent... I think I would."

9:28 The international vampires were "much sexier" than the American vamps: The Egyptians, the Denali clan, "those nutty Romanian guys... very S&M inspired."

9:30 What items did they take home from set? Sweatpants, make-up, and craft service. "I took some socks," quips Reaser, "but that's because I needed some." ELIZABETH REASER FOR THE WIN!

9:32 Favorite fan sightings: Jones saw a lady with feathers and painted bruises all over her body, AKA Honeymoon Bella. Stewart was left speechless when a fan asked him to make-out. "How old was she? [Pause] "She was a lady." Reaser was weirded out when older ladies would gush to her about Taylor Lautner's body, before he was legal.


10:30 Stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and director Bill Condon arrive.

10:34 Bill Condon discusses what it was like to film in Brazil, but WHAT THE HECK IS ON ROBERT PATTINSON'S HEAD? New haircut. Like he shaved one half of his head and went to do this press conference and forgot to finish the other side.

Oh right, Brazil: Shooting on the streets of Brazil, people would literally stop and try to grab Pattinson during filming.

10:37 Will Breaking Dawn really, truly, be the end of the saga? Pattinson answers with trademark goofy aplomb, mumbling something about breakfast time. Condon steps in: "There are so many characters, I suspect [Stephenie] will want to revisit them at some time."

10:38 The Wedding Scene was kept most under wraps during filming. "I had a Volturi cloak on, because that's all we had to cover up," said Stewart of hiding Bella's dress while helicopters flew over head hoping for a peek.

10:39 The cast seems dismayed that the entire sex scene leaked online.

10:40 How did Bella's pregnancy and ordeal affect Stewart? "It's hard for me to take myself out of it. I've been building up to these moments for 4 years, I was 17 when we started. This one is loaded with those huge cathartic moments, and they're rooted in a reality that I can see myself in."

"I can't let the book punch me in the face every morning... you have to let the moments happen."

Stewart feels the film is close to the book. Condon calls Stewart a huge fan of the book, she knew what Bella would feel in every moment.

10:43 Favorite scenes:

Lautner: I've always been able to choose one, but in this one I can't. There's so much going on in this movie and all of the characters are dealing with their own thing... Jacob changes so much from the beginning to the end, so it's hard for me to choose.

Stewart picks one that has nothing to do with either Edward or Jacob: "There's a scene with me and Charlie at the wedding that I love so much, and also with Renee."

Pattinson picks the birth scene! "For a fantasy film with a young audience, it goes quite far... but there's no other way to do it."

10:45 Condon discusses his love of Dark Shadows, which he grew up watching. He's always been into vampires.

10:48 Stewart says Twilight couldn't have worked as an indie film. Turning to Condon: "It's nice to work with an A-lister!"

10:47 What are some nerdy things the cast has learned about each other?

"Breakfast time!" says Stewart. "Kristen literally only watches the cooking channel," says Pattinson. She must always watch the cooking channel in every room, and it's "her only diva-ish behavior."

Stewart gazes at Lautner: "Taylor can dance! He can move his hips in ways I can't even... he can move." More giggles ensue.

10:49 "I was nervous about the imprinting. I was given an X on the wall... I don't know there was any ideal scenario.. I had to walk into the room on the verge of killing this baby and stop, twist, and imprint on this baby." [Laughs]

"It's Jacob's signature move!" -- Pattinson.

10:51 Pattinson hoped for more coverage in his swimming scene. "Maybe a onesie." Condon teases that he's about to show fans the topless scene. Is he joking? ZOMG!

10:52 Renesmee talk!

Stewart felt awkward working with the young children who played her daughter Renesmee in the film, though not Mackenzie Foy. Condon recalls that one of the child actors kept running into a wall.

Pattinson compares holding the non-human, doll version of newborn Renesmee to holding Chucky.

10:55 Last question: How have Rob and Taylor dealt with all the older women drooling over them?

Rob's not creeped out by middle aged women, which helps. "Different strokes for different folks, I guess!"

Aaaand that's a wrap! Check back at 11:15 am PT as we live-blog the Breaking Dawn panel from Hall H.


  • nickp says:

    Ashley Greene says Alice will "live on forever" because she grew up playing the part.

  • camilla says:

    Robs hairdo was done for his latest film Cosmopolis where he, indeed only gets half a haircut!

  • Jen Yamato says:

    Aha! Mystery solved. I should have been following Cosmopolis more carefully!

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