Watch the Origin of Spider-Man, Again, in First Trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man

When it was announced that Sony was going forward with a reboot of the Spider-Man franchise so soon after director Sam Raimi placed his mark on Peter Parker, many eyebrows were raised at the timing. After all, Spider-Man 3 came out in 2007, a mere four summers ago -- it's not like people are clamoring for reboots of other 2007 blockbusters like Ocean's 13 or Live Free or Die Hard. (Or maybe they are?) Regardless, we're here now, and The Amazing Spider-Man is scheduled to hit theaters next summer. Does the new teaser offer anything that Raimi's Spider-Man films did not?

Kinda? Campbell Scott as Peter Parker's leaving father is a new touch, and replacing Mary Jane with Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) is nice, but the rest of the two-minute teaser for director Marc Webb's Spidey incarnation plays things relatively origin-y. It looks cool, no doubt -- that final, first-person rooftop jaunt will play particular badass in 3-D -- it just looks awfully familiar. Following a summer of origin stories -- Thor, X-Men: First Class, Green Lantern and the coming Captain America: First Avenger -- will audiences tire of the tropes when Andrew Garfield goes through them next July?

VERDICT: With great power comes great responsibility.


  • Kevin says:

    This just seems too soon for a reeboot. I liked the first person perspective but otherwise. meh.

  • Tommy Marx says:

    I liked the first person perspective too, and I liked the "some secrets are kept from us" angle. But I agree with Kevin. This just seems too soon. Spider-Man 3 wasn't very good, but it wasn't Batman & Robin bad either. And I don't get the need to retell the origin (now with more stars!) either. Oh well, I'll probably watch this once it hits DVD.

  • Pete says:

    I think this movie looks awesome myself! I am a huge Spider-Man fan, and there are enough things different about this movie. First of all, the tone seems to be darker. Second of all, there is more of a backstory with Pete's parents. Third of all, Gwen Stacey. Fourth, it is taking place more in the high school world. Fifth, the Lizard. And of course, the new cast, and I think that Andrew Garfield will be awesome!

  • kazar says:

    This seems like a new experiment in a total lack of respect for a paying audience. WE SAW THIS! RECENTLY!
    Too bad, as the rich cinematography, lower key acting and more realistic effects seem like an improvement on the original.

  • Sho says:

    i bet you a million bucks u will watch it in theaters when it rolls out next year.. stop being a troll for the sake of being a troll

  • NP says:

    Wow, looks like a fun videogame!

  • Bradley Paul Valentine says:

    A good film, and by your words probably a superior one at that, is “lack of respect to the audience”? Hey, it’s soon. I wish it weren’t an orgin story, but I dig what I think the director will bring and it looks great. If you feel apprehensive, don’t go, right?

  • Justin says:

    Was anyone besides me more excited to see Sally Field than Andrew and Emma?