Transformers Producers Want to Make a Live-Action Captain Planet Movie

captainplanet300.jpgCaptain Planet and the Planeteers, among the cheesiest children's properties that the '90s birthed, was a cartoon very earnestly devoted to encouraging environmental awareness among youngsters built around the multi-colored titular superhero. Now, thanks to the folks who brought us Transformers, that mulleted, blue-skinned emblem of early-'90s morning TV will be updated with a live-action film. Has retro rebirthing gone too far?

Look, I enjoyed my fair share of Captain Planet episodes and can still sing the theme song -- "Captain Planet -- He's our heeeee-ro!" -- but of all the throwback remakes and adaptations and reboots we've seen lately (and will continue to see for probably forever), is this a property that will lend itself well to an update?

Granted, Captain Planet was incredibly conscientious in its messaging, and that's still admirable two decades later. Running for six seasons between the original series and its sequel series (both are still in syndication), the show's story revolved around five international youths -- Wheeler from North America, Kwame from Africa, Gi from Asia, Linka from the Soviet Union, and Ma-Ti from South America -- who are granted special power rings by the Earth goddess Gaia and go around the globe solving environmental crises. When they're in need of extra help, they call upon the superhero Captain Planet to clean up shop.

In a press release, Cartoon Network and producer Don Murphy announced plans to make a "series of films" based on the show: "We are extremely excited about bringing the good Captain back to life. His adventures are known worldwide and he is recognized across generations. We expect to make a spectacular series of films with the amazing team at Cartoon Network."

It's admirable that Transformers producers Murphy and Susan Montford want to revive Captain Planet for today's young audience, if only to bring the series' conscientiousness to a new generation. (And to make money with another merchandisable kids' film franchise.) But how do you update Captain Planet himself while making sure he remains Captain Planet? Blue skin, green hair, midriff-baring Speedo costume, and that hair: Surely a superhero by any other outfit wouldn't be Captain Planet.

Then again, Murphy and Montford's Transformers films managed to take a retro cartoon about alien robots and turn it into a billion-dollar franchise about Shia LaBeouf, so there's room to play with. Anyways, check out the Captain Planet theme song below and bring the memories flooding back. I always cringed when the South American kid fought bad guys with the power of "Heart," and yup! Still cheesy.

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