Today in Less-Distinguished Anniversaries: Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey Turns 20

Just as not every news story this morning can breathlessly follow the Murdoch/Brooks hearings presently overtaking Parliament, not every movie anniversary of note this year can carry the same weight as Aliens or Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Hence the slow-news-day milestone you've been waiting for (or... not): Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey turns 20 today. Feel old yet?

I do not have nearly the same fondness for this as yesterday's masterpiece, which is to say: I don't even remember seeing this sequel to the Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter's surprise 1989 hit Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. I'm sure I did, though even another glimpse at the trailer jogs my memory only insofar as knowing I've seen... the trailer.

A few thoughts:

· Oh my God, it's Conrad Hilton in hell!

· I doubt American popular culture was clamoring for prolonged Ingmar Bergman homages in their would-be summer blockbusters in 1991.

· Bill Sadler does make an inspired Death.

· I really miss Don LaFontaine sometimes.

Anyway, this is happening. React accordingly?


  • CMart says:

    I do have to say that this is a favorite movie of mine and I am glad to see it acknowledged in some fashion here.
    I do recommend you seeing the movie and I am curious to hear what you think. Some of you reading this may think I am crazy for saying so -- and I do expect some snarky comments -- but I found it to be more intelligently written than the first movie. Which, in a way, is not saying much; but really, whereas the first one was entertaining and had such broad appeal as a result, this sequel actually puts some effort into it.
    Just my ramblings...

  • holyfool says:

    These retro Bill and Ted's films kick ass. So trippy and genuine, funny as hell.
    I also recall the saturday morning cartoon, and the cereal.
    Tonight I will have a double excellent adventure of B&T movies marathon.

  • Meh... says:

    STATION!!!!! :)

  • Lorie says:

    I needed one good laugh today and after reading the headline: I say Thank You!

  • terebi says:

    One of the great underrated brainy, homage-tastic indie comedies (and yes, I do prefer it to Excellent Adventure, as wonderful as THAT movie is).

  • casting couch says:

    It's surely overtime for Bill & Ted 3(D?). They've been talking about it. Make it happen, dude!

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